The Smell

It was the smell of the air that woke her, a tangy salty scent.

In an instant, she knew what it was, the ocean. She’d always wanted to live next to the ocean, to listen to gentle sounds of waves crashing against the shore. She climbed out of bed and looked about in amazement.

Pure white walls, contrasting sharply with the navy blue canopy above her bed, dark oak furniture put tastefully about and the huge windows overlooking the ocean. She stood, trying to decide if it was a dream. A simple dark blue dress was laid out on a chair. It felt real. She pinched herself and nodded. She was awake.

For the next few hours, she enjoyed herself as much as a girl starved for such pleasures could enjoy it. She bought cotton candy and doughnuts at a stand with some of the gold coins that she’d found in a treasure chest in the little cabin.

No one looked at her funny despite the fact that they were old and rare, but then she noticed they were the same kind everyone used. She went to the beach and just stared at the ocean for a whole hour before dipping her toes in it. She bought some fresh sweet rolls and some seared fish and everything else that took her fancy.

She went back to the cabin long after the sun had hidden its last rays.

Tired out from her days adventure, she cuddled up on the bed and went to sleep.

It was the smell of the air that woke her, the smell of her dingy dark apartment and the noise of the crowds.

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