Comfortable Silence

In the realm of tranquility, there lies a treasure,

A silence so serene, beyond all measure.

It's not the absence of words, nor a void to fill,

But a comforting hush, where peace instills.

Within this silence, whispers softly unfold,

A language unspoken, a story untold.

In the stillness of moments, connections arise,

A symphony of understanding, without disguise.

No need for words to bridge the divide,

For in this silence, hearts coincide.

Embracing the calm, in each other's presence,

A bond forged in quiet, a precious essence.

In comfortable silence, we find solace deep,

A sanctuary where souls can truly keep,

Where thoughts can wander, dreams can soar,

And the beauty of silence, we adore.

It's a gentle refuge, a respite from noise,

Where minds find rest, and hearts rejoice.

In this positive silence, we find our retreat,

A haven of serenity, pure and sweet.

So let us embrace this silence profound,

Where peace and harmony are always found.

For in the quietude, there's a world to explore,

And in comfortable silence, we find something more.

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