The spectral Walt’s

In a world where love knew no bounds,

Two skeletal figures danced 'round and 'round.

Amidst arches decayed and roses now wilted,

Their haunting love story was silently scripted.

She, with fiery hair flowing like a flame,

He, adorned in metal, no longer with a name.

Their eyes were hollow, their hearts were gone,

Yet an ethereal bond kept them dancing on.

Whispers in the wind told of their past,

A love that was meant, forever to last.

But fate was cruel, and death came swift,

Yet even in afterlife, they refused to drift.

Bound by chains, yet free in embrace,

They swayed in the ruins, a desolate place.

Each thorn, each petal, a memory of time,

A testament to a love, in its prime.

The moonlight shone, casting shadows so deep,

As they continued their dance, in eternal sleep.

For love knows no end, not even in death,

They'll dance forever, till the world's last breath.

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