The Assasination

I heard a ringing sound, awakening me from my light slumber. I hadn’t had sleep for days, and when I finally do, I get woken up. What did I do to deserve this!? I forced my bloodshot eyes open, a groan escaping from my mouth when I tried to sit up, miserably failing. Why did I bring my phone into my room that night? It would have saved me from all the pain to come!

I attempted to sit up again, this time succeeding, my back aching from dragging the cart of... well... stuff that I can’t say, to and fro. My job never had a break, and I could never tell anyone about it, or it would mean certain death. Painful death. Which hopefully I would be bringing them soon.

I opened my phone, looking to see who was ringing, only to be met with no caller ID. As I was a curious bunny, I swiped up, answering the stupid phone. The caller said to come outside and get in a car, then he hung up. I blinked a few times, the information sinking into my brain. It was super slow that day. Maybe it would have saved me if, just if I could think faster. But who was the caller? What did the person want?

I, idiotically, hurriedly got dressed and sprinted towards my car. I got inside, slammed the door shut, deafening me slightly, and hot wired it, like I normally did. Ok, maybe it wasn’t actually my car, but he did just say a car. As the engine roared and I hoped it wouldn’t wake up the owner, only then did I realise I wasn’t given a destination. Confused and about to get out of the car before someone saw me stealing... again, someone got in the passenger seat next to me. I froze, fear taking over me, and held my breath, awaiting what would happen next.

I didn’t look at what car I had got into, but apparently it was planned. I got into a driving instructor’s car. The mysterious person pulled the steering wheel over and drove the car to an unknown destination. I, however, was still frozen solid, not saying a single word of complaint. We reached the castle, looming above, and that was when I got dragged, literally, down to their prison.

That is the story of how I await in this dank dungeon, the air making me retch on my empty, starved stomach. I stay here, in the dungeon, awaiting my death sentence. I could have gotten away, or at least tried, but I froze. Now I’m not the assassinator anymore. I’m not going to be the killer, but I will get killed. In this world, you kill or be killed, the only way to survive.

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