Thinking He Know Him

He imagined Tony daily. His speech. His animation. His motivation. Tony was his world. His guru. He’d become fascinated by Tony during late nights. He was single and alone. So during late Saturday nights Tony would be on the screen. He yelled about what was possible. He screened that we could be more than the sum of our present. He overcome our weaknesses by pointing to the strength we could become.

Charles had become obsessed. He began dressing like Tony. He wore black often. He even tried to increase his height. He spoke to his colleagues ina motivating wY. People had become to admire him and he even began dating the girl of his drama.

It was frightening for Charles. Here he was. This nobody who became somebody through obsession. He had seen movies about people like him. He’d seen documentaries about people who become obsessed with others. His self awareness emerged in the solitude of the evening but then his here would emerge and would overcome his reality.

Charles felt he was losing sight of himself but he questioned if that was ok. Was t he just evolving? Isn’t authenticiciry a man made creation.

For years he’d bought products and watched the late nights when his superwoman was not around. She worked late nights. One day he bought a ticket to an event.

While he was pissing Tony walked in and took a piss right next to him. Boy was this guy a giant he thought. Tony made awkward small talk and thanked Charles for coming. Charles wanted to thank him but Tony’s humanity overwhelmed him. All this time this unreal character had become real. Charles realized at that moment that Tony was not a guru. He was simply pointing to a path.

Charles grinned. Through the ticket away and went on about his life.

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