Lost Away

"KY!?" The blood rushed through my body as my head came to the surface. The whole body of water was empty, the dark closed in.. A storm? No, not possible.

"KYLIE!?" I treaded on the water bobbing up and down at the surface of the water. Everything turned black. The surface of the water became a dark blue, a haunting color. Panic set in as I began to lose my sight, where am I? How did I get here? The sound of water rushing against the rocks that stood behind me filled the crisp, windy air. The sky looked as if it were about to cave in on me, I couldn’t stop staring. A mist of water began to fall from the dark looming sky, rain? A chill ran through my body as my soaked clothes continued to stick to my body with the assistance of the water and the wind. My teeth chattered before I swam further away from the rocks.

"KYLIE!?" I shouted attempting to be louder than the rushing waters of the empty black body of water. The misted rain stung my eyes as it mixed with the blurred tears that welled in my waterlines of my eyes.

"Please," I said huffing as my breath began to fade, "Let this end."


"That was a year ago now."

"Could you explain what happened?"

"I lost my twin sister, Kylie."

"She died?"

"I think so."

We talked low, the lights in the counciling room was dim and yellow. The room was covered in kind words on posters, it was cozy. Across from me sat Mrs. Amy, my therapist that I got after the incident. My parents had decided it was for the best.

"Could you describe the situation? Sometimes it is helpful to walk through it to help.. Disect everything that happened." I understand what she’s saying, however, I still am unsure myself.

"I don’t even know where to begin," I sighed before taking a breath, "We lived on a lake, uhm, Lake Meadow. It was always y’know, fun? It had this large uh, cliff."

I looked up as I explained the setting, Mrs. Amy nodded as she wrote on this beige piece of paper.

"Me and Kylie always went swimming, it was always our favorite pass time."

"How was this time different, Levi?" She interrupted me, and I cleared my throat,

"We jumped. Me and Ky never went to the cliff, but this time we decided to take the leap. It was a deeper part of the lake." It flashed before my eyes yet again, the sting in my eyes, the sobs in my yelling; I can’t forget it.

"Suddenly I was bobbing in the water, terrified because of the adrenaline but more importantly because I couldn’t find my sister."

I explained more and Mrs. Amy sat silent, sliding in simple comments.

"Let me ask you this, Levi." She asks and I shut up. I look at her as her blue eyes met mine,

" Do you, blame yourself? "


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