All my life, I’ve learned to reside by the water

Although the strangers fear the waves,

And the creatures fears the people;

I saw the sparkle of the mysterious bodies that laid between the lands,

I felt the call of the tide and the light of the moon

When growing old, it will always be there;

I’m sure,

So as I look beyond the creatures that lay in the dark water;

Know that when I perish along the waves,

To not look for me beneath the sunsets on the horizon,

Or the twinkling lights in the night sky;

Look for me in the ocean;

I will wave to you hello and wave to you goodbye

I will watch you from the house with the blaring light, when you build a castle along the moat of the shore,

I can be the wind that moves through the trees to your yellow hair

And when I come back to you again;

I will be a stranger, fearing your waves

But eventually falling in love with the crashing of your blue swells and the specks of your yellow hair

Then I will know;

This is where I reside

Along the tides

Along the shore

Filled with love

And nothing more.

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