That Which Gives Us Wings

Seraphina had never seen dragons before. Her fiancé brought her here to the reserve where he worked and she couldn’t believe her eyes. She heard chirping from down by her feet and smiled when a little blue dragon and a little red one are rolling around together by her feet. She picks up the blue one and giggles when it runs up her arm to her shoulder and sits. The little red one huffs, steam coming out of its ears.

“You found Igor, I see.”

She grins and turns around, eyebrows rising when she sees the bouquet of dragon flowers in his hand.

“Is Igor the red one or the blue one?”

She asks casually, causing Aens to chuckle.

“Igor is the fire dragon with steam coming out of his ears. Regina is the little water dragon who has perched on your shoulder and seems content to stay there...however, I need you for a moment and we don’t usually allow dragons inside, no matter how small they are.”

She frowns, staring up at the sky.

“Can’t we just talk here?”

Sera asks, looking between Aens and the sky above her that was full of dragons circling. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. He laughs.

“Fine. Plug your ears.”

She does so and a loud whistle reverberates around her. Regina and Igor whimper a bit and Sera bends down, scooping up the little red dragon to comfort him. He nuzzled cutely against her chest and she smiles. As she looks back at the sky, two dragons begin to descend, one brown and the other green. The closer they come, the more she realizes that they’re covered in what appears to be bark and moss. She looks to Aens and tilts her head.

“What’s this about?”

He grins.

“As we are a mated pair, so are these two. Stronger together than they are’s tradition that the ancestral dragon trainers are given dragons when they find their mates. These are ours, given to me by my father for us to care for in our lives together...”

Her eyes go wide and she passes him the little dragons before going to kneel before the large ones. The mossy one lifted her head and leaned it against Sera’s, which causes her heart to jump.

“Oh...hello sweet girl...hi...”

The dragon lifts her head again and huffs, the hot air from her nostrils washing over her face.

“Aens, do they have names?”

She asks, and though she doesn’t see it, he nods.

“Hikaeli and Azor. My father kept them for me...until I found you...they’re ours now...we can even ride them.”

When she hears that, she slowly stands, running her hand down Hikaeli’s side gently before moving to climb onto her back. Seeing this, Aens joins her, climbing onto Azor with ease. He passes her the dragon flowers and smiles.

“For you, my love.”

She chuckles, startled when Hikaeli moves closer to Azor so the two humans can kiss, which they do.

“Thank you, Aens. So much...”

She says with a smile.

“How do we fly?”

She asks, and he grins.

“Azor! Hikaeli! To the skies!”

He shouts and she grins, holding onto the wooden horns on her back. As the dragons taken flight, so does her heart. She was made for be his protect the fly.

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