Lady Of The Sea

Like a siren song at sea,

Her eyes whisper to lonely sailors.

Eyes of blue,

Like the clearest of waters.

Draw closer and witness the fine-tuned melodies of a divine creature

A siren’s sound-

A voice that pulls you into its bounds,

Only to turn tides

With waves that clap like thunder.

They rise to steep heights to push you deep into its mouth,

Then spits you out to parch grounds.

Look too deep and you might drown in endless ocean

A forever sea of blue,

Like skies clear.

Eyes calm but keep you drowning,

A warm look but a cold shoulder.

Men shrug off the cold

Only to jump onto boats,

Chasing dreams of taming tides.

Then get lost at sea

Sailors, pirates and marines alike.

But very few make it to the other side

And stare down at calm waters.

Hold in hand golden strands of the dipping sun.

Very few indeed can tame the sea

Whoever shall,

What a lucky man he would be.

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