The Lady In The Lake

“I’m pregnant.” she told him a faint smile on her lips as she held out the pregnancy test towards her boss. Sebastian looked at her in horror before jumping up and closing the door to his office, afraid that someone would overhear them.

“It’s not mine.” he said calmly brushing a stray gray hair back into place. He’d been worried about how to end the affair and now she had presented him with the perfect opportunity.

“Maybe I should tell your wife. I am sure that she would be interested in your ‘afternoon meetings’. Have you told her that you are leaving her?”

He froze and looked at her angrily. She was trying to threaten him and force him to marry her. Sebastian almost laughed out loud but it wasn’t funny, if he left his wife he would be penniless. She would take him for every single penny and he couldn’t let that happen.

Smiling he wrapped his arms around her, “My wife is out of town tonight, why don’t you come round and we can plan our future together?”

The blonde smiled at him sweetly and nodded, letting him guide her back towards the office door, “What time do you want me over?”

He grinned down at the woman, “Let’s say six o’clock?” she nodded happily and ran a hand through her blonde hair, “Okay. See you then.” she kissed him chastely on the cheek and turned to leave his office. Sebastian watched her disappear down the hall, smiling softly. He needed some suitcases, weights and a hacksaw. Tonight all his problems would be over.


He waited in the brightly lit kitchen looking out at the immaculately gravelled driveway for signs of a red sports car. A bottle of champagne and orange juice sat on the marble counter next to two glasses.

The crunching of gravel alerted him to his guests arrival as he poured the crushed pills into the orange juice and mixed it until it had dissolved. He heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it, leading her to the kitchen. He set a chair for her, took one of the glasses filled it to the brim with orange juice.

“You didn’t have to go to so much trouble you know.” she said sipping it and smiling at him.

“This isn’t any trouble, for my future bride.” he said pouring a glass of champagne. She leaned across to kiss him gently and he returned it, smiling as she pulled away, “Shall we?”

They danced slowly to an imaginary tune, the atmosphere broken by the sound of their feet on the tiled floor.

“I love you, you know.” she murmured, leaning into him.

“And I love you.” Sebastian replied, before grabbing her by the throat with one hand and squeezing tightly.

Her eyes bulged in her head as her hands scrabbled behind her knocking the empty glasses and champagne bottle to the floor. Sebastian used his tall frame to push her to the ground, straddling her and squeezing until her legs stopped kicking. He got up and patted the few strands of hair that had come loose back into place before dragging the body by the arms through the garage door.

Before she had arrived he had covered the garage walls and floor with plastic sheeting as well as black tarp. Dropping the body onto the tarp he carefully removed her necklace which he put into his trouser pocket. Picking up the sledgehammer, he raised it and paused before bringing it down. He felt flesh and bone splinter under the tremendous force. He could see blood poolling like an angels halo around what would have been her head.

Picking up the sledgehammer, he swung it once more at the head of the limp body before picking up what was left of the shattered lower mandible and tossing it the empty oil drum waiting at his side. He wiped his face with his sleeve before going back to work.

Carefully he severed the fingers and thumbs above the knuckle joint with hunting knife before repeating the action with the toes. Before long the bloody stumps lay in a plastic box. He would have to get rid of them separately.

Wiping the sweat and blood from his forehead with a towel he wrapped the body up tightly in the black tarp before tying it securely with climbing rope. Lifting it up he placed it carefully in the oil drum before filling it with gravel and rocks to weigh it down. Sebastian slammed the lid on top before nailing it down. He wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t float in the water. He wondered why he kept thinking of it as a person when it was now nothing more than a bloody mess.

Picking up the plastic box, he left the garage and walked to the downstairs bathroom where he wrapped the contents in toilet paper before flushing it down the toilet. He stayed for a few moments to make sure that everything had gone. His phone rang and recognising the number he answered. “It’s done. The oil drum is waiting in the garage. There are some other things that need to disappear too. You know where the lake is.”

The caller hung up, leaving Sebastian to stare at his reflection in the mirror. The figure looking back at him was unrecognisable.

The hot water poured over him washing minute traces of blood and bone fragments from his hair down the plug hole. Stepping out of the shower he grabbed a fluffy white towel from the rack. He dried himself carefully before wrapping the towel around his waist. Sitting cross legged on the edge of his bed, he checked his phone and found a text.

Nodding his head he put the phone back on the bedside table before crawling into bed. Closing his eyes he tried to sleep. It would be another long night.


A small boat was moored at the far end of the dock, bobbing in the gentle waves. A stranger dragged an oil drum to the boat and left it on the dock before turning to pick up a large black suitcase which he dropped onto the boat. With both hands the stranger pulled the oil drum onto the boat which rocked violently from side to side. They sat back and rested whilst staring at the dark water. The stranger glanced over at the suitcase. His eyes widening slightly upon seeing a dark stain spreading along the bottom.

Shuddering he began to row the boat frantically towards the middle of the lake. The surface of the lake frothed and waved as the oars came up suddenly. The stranger heaved desperately at the oil drum, pulling it closer to the edge of the boat and watched it topple in. Leaning forward he peered into the water watching as the oil drum sank beneath the surface. Finally he lowered the suitcase into the same murky waters and it sank without so much as a ripple. Heaving a sigh of relief the stranger made for sure, careful to moor the boat to the dock before making his escape.

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