Tell Me, Tell Me

Please, tell me your name. I desire it like honey to a bees’ hive. The days are long and the nights are sleepless as my mind races and wonders about your very existence. “Who are you?” I ask myself each day when I see your face while all I can manage is to admire your ethereal beauty. Eyes glimmer as blue as the oceans and hair as black as the darkness of a shadow. Where do you come from? What about you makes you so intoxicating?

It’s time for our day of hard work to end. I lifelessly sit in idle at my office desk while my eyes beam directly at you. Your navy blue collared shirt perfect compliments your beige skirt and the clack of your black heels hypnotize me like the tick of an analog clock. Watching you walk into the elevator, my eyes glow bright. Your mysteriousness captivates me and all I can do is wait in awe. No other woman in this office building has ever had your beauty. A voice so soft and subtle, it hymns like a lullaby and draws me into you. How do you bewitch me? How can I approach you and learn your name? Curse this shyness of mine, it holds me hostage.

“But what is your name?” I ask myself again. My fellow coworkers do not know it. You are a new hire but you do not belong in this environment. An angel from the heavens would suit you better, but, wait. Time is running short and I need your name before I cave. Days have gone by and my mind clutches the thought of you deeper than the stars in space. I took a mighty risk and abandoned my desk to meet you in the elevator. I stood in the corner as you ascended to floor 31 and my eyes could not escape you. You returned your gaze to me and wore a vibrant smile. My heart hiccuped and my arm pits drenched in sweat. I swallowed hard and tried to speak but you twisted a knot in my throat. Who are you?

“Hello…” you said to me. The impulse within me broke and I unleashed upon you. The elevator still arose but no one else dared to stop our climb. My hands lunged at your shoulders, “what is your name!” I hollered in agitated lust. “Ew, you creep! Let me go!” You responded in hesitant resistance. You tried to squirm and thrash me away but I persisted. Your beauty fueled me to commit this act of lustful impulse. “Tell me your name! Please…” I pleaded as I squeezed your shoulders, crumpling your finely pressed blue shirt. “I’m not telling you anything! Let me go, I’m telling your boss you’re a freak!” You argued. My senses returned slowly but surely. ‘Freak’ you called me and now my life lie in jeopardy for my rash actions. Could I let you escape?

“I am sorry, you must—-“

“No! You’re disgusting!” You interrupted as the elevator doors began to open. The ‘ding’ was your queue to walk away but instead I wrapped my arm around your neck and pulled you back in with me. “You should’ve listened…I just wanted your name. Just your name…” I quietly whispered in your ear as the doors sealed shut. You fought, thrashed, and kicked but I wouldn’t let you ruin my career. I held you on the floor with my arm tightly latched to your neck. Your breasts flailed underneath your shirt and aroused me and your bottom rubbed on my lower abdomen. Even now, your beauty continues to persuade me. “Tell me your name and I’ll set you free, but you won’t speak of this.” I reasoned with you. In a sudden jolt, a ‘snap’ occurred from your neck. I asked for you to speak but you lie motionless. How could this be?

The elevator stuck on floor 31 on a cold, late Friday night. The building nearly emptied and quiet, I sat in the elevator with a lifeless body. “Dammit! I’ve done it again…” I said in a defeated whisper, “when will I learn, when will I learn!?” Learning your name drove me to this and now you are added to the list of those I lusted for. I took my leave to floor number 1 and vanished in the thick dark air of the night while your body rested in the shaft. No one knew me and no one knew you. I wonder what is your name as I wonder what the other girls’ names were. Another name I’ll never know added to my list.

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