Epic Curse Away

I wish I never let go of your perfect cool smile

I would dance and spin for just a little while

The words tumbled from my mouth to the sky

It hurt to tell you in my own words good bye

Lessons learned I need to focus my high notes

To make up a date with you together on boats

Ships sailing in my youth would have led me

Ships sailing in my youth would have got me

Closer to your heart and mindset than the stuff

The stuff that did desire mislead and not tuff

Is how I feel remember how I strayed from heaven

Each and every day I missed the ships I could not win seven

Nor Eight or Nine but swimming in the ten

Could chase me up to win

As I pray the day you hear me say forgive men

I pray today to forgive me for I can lead mighty ships blazoned with the truth

My words would tumble from my mouth in record burst

The thing I realize the worst will always thirst

The passion I had made me take a confident vow

To not use foul language that is more effective than holding anger in a rage

But then what will rage be without anger

I rarely get to the point of anger but the bitter broken page

I left the line I thought too much when I found you

My heart wanted to touch, a tender hold a look of blue

No sadness in the rush of my room

The place isn’t suitable for me let alone the King

This is okay as back in the Arcs I move to west your ring

The ships do sail way of water, land, grass, air, sand, glass and fire

No way to deny I am caught out there with a deep desire

To hold Is to mold to one body unique

To fit is to be oh so nice and complete

For love is there for us all

Peace is better than spending the mall

Marry by the ship wish of the hall

Marry by the ship station of the bells

Marry by the ship deck of cards

Marry by the ship docked by the moat

Marry by the ship covered by goat

Marry by the ship mission to send

Marry by the ship straight off the land

Marry by the ship beneath a cross

Marry by the ship bequeathed don’t cross

Marry by the ship all sails up

Marry by the ship hip don’t trip

Marry by the ship knee to ground

Marry by the ship rock the casbahs

Marry by the ship tabernacle to the baa

We do it all

Marry at grand ship to rock them all a dream synagogue like nothing before

Celebrate with me everyday a unique home inside in every way

Marry be the ship and you will win

Access to His Home in New Jerusalem

Marry by the ship a nice place to read at the helm an alter with nothing to hide

Reading right to left messages form the patriarchs I want to live to be the best matriarch

If I every see a place like this for me the gold will shine so bright upon the sacred chalice and you will taste the vine same as mine

Yamaha might be on the head of my man

Not needed everyplace because there is grace

For a love of a building called a synagogue a place where a dream for Jews can merge a life of a believer in Christ the Lord

No greater love is there for Jews for Jesus than to allow the leader to marry by the ship with happiness

Already done let do it again

Where and how many time can I

How about you what is your time to fly

The final ship draws us in with a force unexplained like gravity

God just put us there we wobble and land on our butt

Cats got smarter and land on their feet

Gravity is something we learn

Love is the force that draws up the soul

Keep on learning what it is

Better than studying to fail and sin

They do love and the thunder rolls

Another 45 and I’m ready to survive

Keep it clean is what you say to me about my mouth and I will try

The arguments are what and how do you know

If you go will you ever grow

Out the door we will glow!

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