Too Many Hands At The Steering Wheel!

I sat at my desk, mindlessly scribbling in my notebook, when a classmate approached me. I didn't know her. Sure, I recognized her bouncy blonde hair and bright clothing, but I'd never spoken to the girl.

I blinked, Anger grumbling in my head, “What the hell does she want?” Fear whined, “What if we're in her spot? Did we miss something? Oh, no!”

I sighed, ignoring my fear, and glanced up at her. She smiled, “Would you like to be my partner?”

My mind halted, “Partner?”

“Yeah, for the science project?”

Fear screeched and I had to keep myself from reacting physically, “See?! I told you we missed something!”

Joy bounced, ignoring Fear, “We’re good at those!”

“Yeah, but I don't want to work with someone. It's a waste of fucking time!” Anger crossed his arms, brows furrowing, “She’ll get in the way.”

“B-but, what if we have to present this to the class? I don’t wanna do that!” Fear cried, cowering at the idea.

“What do I say?” I asked them internally, hoping for more than bickering.

“Fuck off,” Anger supplied.

“No—just, say yes.” Joy soothed.

“Suck up,” Disgust hissed, but said nothing more.

“Don’t mind him,” Joy smiled, “Say yes, then we can go from there.”

They waited on me to respond, and so did she. “Uhm,” I fumbled, “I…I mean, sure?”

She smiled, “Awesome! Here, let’s keep in touch.” She slid her teal phone over, an open contact awaiting my number.

Fear hesitated, “Do we remember our number?”

“Don’t matter, break her fucking phone,” Anger sneered, and when Joy looked at him appalled, he continued, “Throw the glass in her eye.”

“Too many consequences,” I reminded him, “I like having freedom.”

He grumbled but let it go, silent as I typed my number into her phone. “Text me your name, I’ll save you.” I kept my eyes on my drawings but handed her phone back. “You got it, I’ll see you!” She grinned as she walked back to her clique.

“They’re making fun of us!” Fear gasped.

“We not important enough for that,” Sadness lamented, “It’s honestly egotistical to think that anyone cares.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Anger spoke for me, “No one likes you.”

“I like him,” Fear smiled hesitantly but shrank when both Anger and I shot him a look.

The bell snapped me from my thoughts, its shrill scream strangely comforting. A reason to get away from these people. Weaving through the other students as they walked to their classes, I crossed the building. Too late, I note as the bell rings again, I just hope no one will notice as I open the classrooms door.

“You’re late.”


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