lonely girl

i often use the moon when i write

i always personify her as she

sometimes just a friend or guardian

sometimes she represents me

the blood moon matches my heart

as it bleeds in that red hue

i reach my hand out to the sky

look, it matches my wrist too

we block the moon from the sun’s glow

is it a break from suffocation?

it’s too bad we’ll never know

if she lives in eternal damnation

the moon is full of sadness

she tries not to let it show

she curls up inside herself

so that no one here will know

and that’s why we have phases

why we have eclipses too

she’s telling you her story

like how it’s mine that i tell you

so next time you go outside at night

please tell the moon hello

because she’s getting lonely up there

strong and brave, but still alone.

~Edgaress Allan Poe

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