He’ll Find Out

This bitch flashed the picture in his face. Leryi Giamet life would be over if this picture ever gets out. Just looking at the picture of himself naked, riding his own teacher Mr. Phiriko was super embarrassing. The man he loves will be fired and Leryi will be the most talked about student of his school.

What a way to start off his freshman year of high school. All because of Darceri Gymixon. This bitch stared him straight in the eyes, so evil as she smiled with pride.

She tells him, “I won’t tell anybody about this as long you do my homework.”

“How much of it?” Leryi saddened.

“As much as I want you to do.” She answered, like it was a stupid question.

“Okay… can I go to the bathroom now?”

“Yes,” Daceri said while digging in her bag. “But here’s all my homework I need you to do this week, and don’t purposely get the questions wrong because if you do, I’ll-”

“Expose my secret.” Leryi cut her off, finishing the sentence for her.

Darceri smirked at him, “That’s right.” Then she departed.

“Fucking bitch.” Leryi mumbled under his breath.

“Excuse me!” Darceri twisted around.

Leryi heart dropped to his stomach. His body froze, as his eyes widen of terror. “Nothing,” he submissively answered.

Darceri glared at him as if she was a drug boss about to backhand her minion. “You know what, I have a gay friend whose interested in going out with you. I’ll ask him when he’s free.”

Leryi was left sulking in guilt and revenge, ruminating on a way to shut Darceri up. Should he alert Mr. Phiriko? No. He’ll freak out and probably make the problem worse than what it already is.

For the past few weeks Leryi has been miserably doing her homework simultaneously avoiding Mr. Phiriko, and then finally going on a date with her friend. It was the most mortifying thing in his life. A few kids from his school sweared they saw him at the restaurant.

Eventually Mr. Phiriko caught him outside of school roaming around the grocery store with his parents. When he got Leryi’s attention, he pointed with his head to meet him on the other side of the store.

“What’s going on? You’ve been ignoring me for weeks!” Mr. Phiriko whispered loudly.

“It’s Darceri, she caught us in the act!” Leryi responded.

Mr. Phiriko eyes widened. “Well, does she have proof of us?”

Leryi guiltily nodded his head.

“Shit! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry! I was afraid and didn’t want to make the situation worse. What do we do?”

Mr. Phiriko looked around contemplating something up and sighing of distress. “Don’t worry I’ll handle it.”

“You’re not gonna kill her, are you?” Leryi warily asked.

“No!” He denied instantly. “Just let me handle it.”

“Okay.” Leryi sighs of relief, then departed.

At least two weeks went by, and suddenly Mr. Phiriko sent Leryi a message while he was doing Darceri’s homework, saying, “We’re good.”

Leryi replied back, “What do you mean?”

Mr. Phiriko didn’t answer.

When Leryi got dropped off at school by his parents, Darceri approached him timidly asking, “Hey, do you have all my homework?”

“Yeah, why?” Leryi questioned weirdly.

“You don’t have to do them anymore.” She replied as if holding back her tears, and taking all her stuff back.

After she departed, Leryi asked himself, “What did Mr. Phiriko do?”

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