Books Are Hard To Write, Okay?

What I’m the world? My head is spinning. The daily prompt for English Class is “Make a story about a hero that saves the town”. What does the teacher think we are, kindergarteners? I miss the creative prompts that Mrs.Brewer used to give us. They weren’t so vague.

Okay, think. What could be the name of your hero? What super powers do they have? Everyone is going to say something like “Flying” or “Turning Invisible”. I swear some girl in here is going to say, “ Ice Powers like Elsa!” or something.

There’s nothing good left. All the good powers and super hero names are taken. “Sea Girl? Magnet Boy? Metal Woman?” I couldn’t think of anything worse. Gosh, I hate these prompts. (P.S, this is not in any way a dig at the prompts given to us by the app. I love them, and they are so creative!)

Shoot. Time is up. Well, she never checks them, so I can just put my book up and never think about this again, right? Right.

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