The Others: The After

I can see them. The others are coming towards us. I take my brothers hand and shake it to let him know. But his eyes are already fixed on them.

‘What we gonna do?’ I ask.

‘We’ll just have to wing it.’ He gives me his best reassuring smile, but I’m not stupid. Sooner or later they will catch and kill us for what we did.

Before I can say any more, my brother pulls me out of my seat and down the train carriage. We walk fast so we don’t attract attention - or any more than we already have, seeing as we are carrying massive bags of money that chink as we walk.

The others follow.

As we near the end of the train carriage, we break into a run.

My brother flings open the door and we scurry out onto the back of the train, barricading ourselves outside using my rifle.

‘This way, up the ladder!’ I cry, and we scurry up it onto the top of the train.

The wind whips my hair and stings my eyes but we still run, unafraid of being knocked off our feet. We’re already dead men. I wish my brother had never persuaded me to do this.

We come to the bridge where we’re supposed to make our exit.

Then, the others break the window beneath us. Toned arms lunge at us, with nails that scratch and lash. It’s Ares.

‘Damn it, Apollo,’ I say. ‘You said it would be easy!’

‘Soz, Artie,’ my brother says, ‘but you didn’t know what you were buying into.’

‘I needed cash!’

‘Yeah, well, this is the best way to get it.’

We are coming up to the checkpoint. I can see Poseidon in his little boat waiting for us. Thank Olympus.

Without thinking, I jump. Over Ares and Athena, arcing into a perfect arrow, descending on my target. And then I’m safe on my uncle’s boat.

‘Hey, Uncle,’ Apollo says, climbing up after me.

‘Good catch guys,’ Poseidon says. ‘I should put you on more jobs.’

‘Uncle,’ I say, ‘is this what it’s really like to be powerless?’

‘Yep, Artie, and we’re all better for it. Just jump straight in and enjoy the ride. We have more thieving to do.’

And, with that, we sail away down the river, away from Athena and Ares and anyone who has tried to stand in our way.

The sun is setting as the train fades away into the distance. That’s a good thing: I would hate to meet with Athena and Ares again and face their wrath. I just really want to finish our mission and get our powers back again. I hate that the stupid guy. He shouldn’t be able to do this.

But there’s one thing I know that is not going to be hidden from me - when you’re powers have been taken from you, you will go to great lengths to get them back.

And I am definitely that desperate. Oh well. Any means.......

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