What Is This?

“What is this?” Ash asked with curiosity.

“Oh you’ll see. Just taste it,” Daisy encouraged.

“Alright,” he responded hesitantly, looking at the strange drink in front of him.

He hesitantly sipped the drink. A sweet taste erupted in his mouth and he pulled back in surprise.

“That is liquid sugar,” he declared.

“No it’s not. It’s called a milkshake. It’s meant to be sweet,” Daisy said.

“You mean to say you drink this?” Ash asked.

“Not all the time obviously. It’s more of a treat,” Daisy said. “How is it that you’ve never had a milkshake before?” Daisy asked.

Ash though for a minute. Should he answer honestly? “They don’t have these where I’m from,” he said. It wasn’t exactly a lie. It’s just that did not come from this world or timeline.

“That’s too bad,” Daisy said looking sad. “Well it looks like we’ll just have to try a lot of other stuff too in order to make up for all the stuff you missed,” she added.

Ash groaned. As long as it was not like that liquid sugar he just drank, it would be fine.

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