Sun Dance

The sun peaked out from the clouds. Looking for his friends. He danced above the ground in search for them. As he danced he left a trail of colors behind him. The ground became a vibrate green. Flowers reached up towards the sun, and the sun smiled and waved. He then continued his dance. He spun over to a dreary forest. He shimmered in his light, and leaped over the trees. The barren woods turned chestnut brown. Leaves sprouted from the branches and swayed a thank you to the sun. The sun beamed, which only made the leaves smile wider. The suns last stop was to a tiny grey town. He whirled and twirled to a special tune he had made. The grey town started to shine. The buildings became a multi of color. Light pinks, dark reds, bold blues, and rich yellows. Little people started coming out of their homes, and sparkled under the suns gaze. They continued their doings as the sun watched them closely. He danced and danced, playing with his friends. He danced until he grew tired. Just before he went to sleep his close friend the moon came to have one last dance with him. After they finish the separated and sun disappeared into his nightly bed.

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