Search and Seizure

“Get him on the ground!”

The two larger suits grabbed the disheveled man by each arm and shoved him forward. He fell to the pavement with ease. The third suit stepped over to the man’s side and proceeded to get down on one knee. He slowly brought his face to the man’s ear.

“You know you’re fucked. We know you’ve got one.”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!”

“Oh you don’t?”

The third suit, the one in charge, turned back and nodded his head towards the roughed up man on the ground.


One of the two kneed him in the spine and brought intense pressure to the back of his neck while the other one frisked him up and down until he stopped inside his left jacket pocket. He pulled out the object, a small rectangular piece about the size of an old flash drive but slightly wider. He tossed it over to his boss.

“Then what’s this?”

The man in charge brought the item to his lips and slowly inhaled, a bit of an awkward smile made itself visible. He shivered ever so slightly then exhaled the vapor into the air of the night.

“It’s peach flavored, boys.”

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