Falling In Love With Ideas

Cupioromantic: someone who desires to be in a romantic relationship, although feels no romantic attraction.

Sometimes we fall

in love with ideas,

not people.

This is the case for people who identify as Cupioromantic. They want a loving relationship with someone they deeply care about, yet they don’t feel much to any actual romantic feelings towards that person. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to be in that relationship.

You may think their relationships are one-sided or unfair for the other person who deeply loves their partner(s) and while it may seem like that at first, do not forget that romantic attraction in not the most important thing in a relationship like this; but instead people themselves. They still care about each other and wouldn’t let their lover go for any invalid reason.

This may not be the most accurate because I myself am not cupioromantic and do not have any say on how relationships involving cupioromantic individuals should work or currently work.


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