Ms. Carmine's House of Crabs

Freddy wasn’t half as amused by what he saw in Ms. Carmine’s kitchen. To be blunt, he was mortified, he wanted nothing more than to return home, crawl under his sheets and discard what he’d just seen. Hundreds if not thousands of crabs crawled haphazardly around the old woman’s kitchen. Crawling over one another, snapping and snarling at each other. He could hear the click’s from their claws and the snaps from their jaws.

“I believe they ate her, I don’t see the old witch anywhere…do you?” Questioned Ivan with a sneer.

“I don’t want to be here. We have to tell mother, Ms. Carmine could be in trouble,” He insisted, a chill holding tight to his vocal cords.

“Since when do you care about that old crow? You said so yourself that you wished she’d drop dead,” Argued Ivan.

But he didn’t mean it, he never really meant it…right? Freddy looked with wide eyes of fear, trying to scan across the floor for the body of Ms. Carmine, but his eyes couldn’t make sense of what he was looking at. All he saw were the dark burgundy shells of the sea creatures that overtook her kitchen. He thought he saw a disfigured hand under the carnage but he couldn’t be sure, he didn’t want to be sure.

One of the crabs clicked and clacked up to the counter and Freddy almost screamed. It stared directly at them, snapping its claws and snarling at them. Then it lunged forward into the window, hard, its strength causing the glass to stir in its frame. Soon after three more crabs joined in on the window bashing.

“Ivan we need to…” But Freddy’s words were cut short by the sound of cracking glass. He watched in horror as the crack from the first crab spiderwebbed across the window at an alarming rate.

Freddy and Ivan staggered back in horror as the glass shattered and gave way, the following was a sea of ocean crustaceans, spilling out onto the front lawn. The two friends fled in horror, screaming as the crabs gave chase at an alarming rate. Freddy ran, his eyes glued to the pavement as the creatures swiped and bit at his heels.

“They're too fast!” Screamed Ivan.

At that moment, Freddy realized that Ivan wasn’t by his side. He spun around in horror to see Ivan on the floor, screaming in terror, screeching in pain as the sea life consumed him. There was no time to react, Freddy had to run.

He snatched a departed tree branch from off the floor and swiped it viciously at the creatures as they closed in on him. He gave one last look at the friend he couldn’t see, then turned and ran, his legs burned and his chest heaved, but he refused to give up as he headed towards the sunset.

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