People say that you eventually get to that point in your life.

Where whatever you do it feels like you have done it before.

Like nothing ever feels normal.

Time seems to fold and repeat itself without warning

A flicker of recognition, a sudden sense of familiarity

A moment frozen in time, a sensation so uncanny

It's like stepping into a memory, a dream within a dream

The past merges with the present, a perplexing scheme

Déjà vu, a fleeting glimpse of something beyond our grasp

A paradoxical phenomenon, an enigma that holds us fast

The echoes of our existence reverberate through the ages

A never-ending cycle, a dance on history's many stages

Is it a glitch in the matrix or a trick of the mind?

A glitch in time's fabric or something more divine?

Whatever the cause, déjà vu leaves us in awe

An ephemeral illusion, a puzzle with no flaw

So embrace the déjà vu, embrace the strange sensation

For in its mystery lies a profound revelation

A reminder that time is but a fleeting illusion

And our lives are but a moment in the grand confusion.

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