He’s Got A Type

The month of June held a special place in Brick’s heart. It was the month he met Kara. He’d never forget that first night. His heart pumped like the flutter of a butterfly in a flower field. He kept the little tricket that he’d found that night. It was a lump of love in his pocket.

“Oh, I wonder what I should get her tonight.” He looked through the candy aisle at a seven-eleven on the corner of Granbury’s square. After a stare and too much time, a heart shaped box of liquor chocolates found its way to the checkout. “Just these.”

The clerk rang up the box. “$20.14 is the total. You seem to be picking up a special box. Anyone in mind?”

His eyes glanced down. “I’m just reliving our first night, but I didn’t want to come empty handed.” He gave her exact cash and change.

Out on the road, he saw the people crossing this way and that. The town had a festival once a year. She loved the festival.

The current of people left him walking in circles for awhile. He couldn’t quite recall where she’d be, but he knew she’d pop up.

He finally stopped and stood aside from the crowd. She’d come around if he waited long enough.

The passing crowds circled in the passing of the sun toward the birth of the moon from beyond the distant trees. And that’s when he saw her. She passed so fast she didn’t see him, but he followed her calling out now and then.

He gave up calling her name at one point. The festival was too loud for her to hear him. He saw her turn out toward the parking lot near the Lafayette. He followed down the way, eventually calling her name as she neared her car.

She turned around and said, “What? My name—“

“Kara. You are Kara!” He pulled a white handled pistol from his pocket, pointed and fired. He fired again. Boom. Boom. “And you’ll always be Kara.” He took out a camera and snapped pictures before returning to the crowd.

The night finished with him seeing patrol cars take over the parking lot. He got back to his car with everyone else. The traffic going home was awful.

At home, he pulled out a photo album. He loved the pictures inside. All the memories with his love. Some nights, she looked a little different, but that didn’t worry him as she never seemed to age. They were all Kara Melbourne. Slim, curly raven hair, and dressed for the summer. He couldn’t wait until he developed the newest photos, but the photo album was no where near full.

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