Oh Great… I’m a Cat

Spells were always a tricky subject one word mispronounced and the whole spell turns out different. Thats how I ended up like this, as a dumb cat. A stupid fluffy black cat. Like could they have been any more stereotypical. The worst part is the only way to reverse transfiguration spells is to have a reversal potion. I used my last potion when I accidentally turned myself into a rabbit last month, and I’ve been meaning to brew more I just haven’t got around to it. Its not like I can brew them now either, I don’t exactly have opposable thumbs to be able to make those potions. The spell should wear off in nine days, one day for each of the cat’s nine lives. I don’t know why the witch who made that spell had to be so stereotypical, it’s annoying really. Plus I know they have a ton of different cat options, why couldn’t I get a ragdoll or a munckin cat. Why do I have to be such a boring looking cat, why couldn’t I at least be pretty? I guess that was too much to ask for. I really can’t wait for these nine days to be over so I can be done with this.

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