Deeply In Love

R Three days ago Maggie and Herolind touched each others hands. As their hearts raced sweltering heat was the forecast. Blurring the lines of what was appropriate for such a fair lady, Maggie brushed Herolind’s brow with her finger avoiding the sweat beads. He caught her hand the second time and pulled out a handkerchief. Specially embroidered for the man of Sunday.

Sunday was his birthday and Christening 18 years ago. Today he had the privilege of finding the one from the village. Pulling all the clothes he had into a pile yesterday he wrapped them in a blanket and cleverly tied a bundle leaving only his Sunday best out. There was a plan to stagecoach it west and they left today. No plan was told to Maggie she just had to trust and leave.

Truth was Maggie couldn’t pass for white and it did not matter to him when he chose her just that they would somehow be together. Reality was always on his mind more so than hers at times. He did need to gently nudge her when the people needed her “social grace.” With her nose defiantly in the air she left plenty of social scenes.

Today in the garden of the landowning family The Ferns Maggie rushed out to breathe. Herolind hated the heat of the day but was ready to get started in life, no delays. Somehow a chicken would be quieter than a mouse.

“I’m not a chicken. I am something undefined for now let me take you with my people and go west,” Herolind asked. He prayed that she would not make noise and alert everyone or rouse the chicks in the nest above them.

Column after column was covered in hedge plant and very beautiful. The garden stretched out a long way to the house and they knew they had to walk back to get food and nice drink before they headed out.

“I will go,” Maggie said to him after staring out between the hedged columns. It was very hot and ripples of mirage settled in the distance.

“Thank you,” he said and licked his warm lips before kissing her.

“You are so strange to tempt me with your tongue,” Maggie said.

“Better you that does love to tempt me with your touch,” Herolind said looking her in the eyes as he smoothed her hair back. “Can I lay with you tonight?”

“Not by day?”

“Ask me no questions and we will make it.” Herolind replied.

To walk away from the opportunity to express their love and explore each other, wouldn’t be him. There were few opportunities where they could make a dash to the edge of the secret garden. “How about now?” A sweet singsong voice grasped his soul as he swelled to meet her enthusiastic challenge.

“Right here and now,” he grasped her hand and bent down on one knee. Careful all the while not to damage his good clothing he reached for her hand and introduced a band with a small stone onto her ring finger. “Took me a while to earn it and I did legit, so can I be yours now and forever more but forever is never enough time.”

“Ay even though I want to faint. Yes I love you and yes is too simple a word,” Maggie said.

“Yet yes is what I crave.” Herolind stood and kissed her mouth, inhaled her scent and was hopelessly entangled in her sweet hair and loving arms.

Rushing hand in had they passed the fountain and ran to the left where it felt so much cooler. Birds sang and chirped a lot but the insects were kept in check from the people at bay in charge of the food the village ate.

The desire to under another human being and love them forsaking all others is what made it so easy for Maggie to tell Herolind, “Yes I want to be your wife.”

“Then I’m your only,” he said as love making in a special office of the landowner’s property went surprisingly quick. She just knew that they were pregnant if her memory suited her well since she had felt a rush she discussed with friends in the past. This being her first time all he did was question her but surely he knew what to expect was her thoughts since she did all the research she could concerning the situation.

“Take your time to dress,” he stood.

“No one is coming for sure?”

“We were loud!”

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