The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, the sky awash with pinks and oranges and purples and yellows. Josh and I slowed our pace from our morning run along the shore to take it all in. A seagull flew overhead in a noisy arc, then darted towards the foamy waves.

That’s when I saw it, the glint of something flashing on the water. I stopped altogether, shielding my eyes from the rising sun, peering more closely at the object bobbing like a cork.

“What is it?” Josh asked, stopping as well, stretching his long, tanned legs as he scanned the horizon.

I looked again, then said, almost as much to myself as to him, “It’s a bottle!”

Josh grinned at this, “You’re joshing me.” An old joke between us and I gave him a look.

“No, seriously,” I said, keeping my eyes on the object even as I bent to remove my shoes.

Before he could react, I was in the water, charging towards the bottle.

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