Airport Love

A wise person once said “It seldom happens that you can plan your whole future just by looking at someone in the eyes.”


Nicole with one hand holding a few gift bags,

and her other hand on the handle of her purple paisley carry on luggage. She stood staring up at the flight monitor, checking to see if her departing flight had been delayed or if it was scheduled to be on time. Nicole laughed, as mimicked and mouthed to herself …delayed, delayed, delayed, while studying the flights on the overhead monitor. “ I feel like that lady on the insurance commercial…expired, expired, expired.” Just the thought of that comical commercial caused her to grin.

“Excuse me Miss, but would you happen to know where Terminal C might be located?”Nicole quickly turned to see who may have been speaking to her. She appeared startled when she turned to face Jeffrey. But it didn’t take long for her eyes to soften and the grin that had previously been on her face, turned into a full-blown Colgate smile. “My goodness, My goodness! he’s extremely handsome.”

Those were Nicole’s initial thoughts.”

“ I apologize…I didn’t mean to startle you” Jeffrey went on to say, as he now fumbled with his ticket. He found himself staring at Nicole’s warm smile and deep dimples, which accented her cocoa butter skin tone. “I always seem to get turned around here. This Atlanta Airport is humongous and I’m exhausted…just trying to get to terminal C to catch my connecting flight.”

Nicole didn’t want to stare, but couldn’t help herself as she pulled her golden brown sister locks over her shoulder, graciously replied.

Nicole felt slightly taken aback, because at her first glance he reminded her of Michael B. Jordan. His tapered short hair cut accented the waviness of his hair. And his creamy almond butter skin tone appeared ever so smooth, along with his amazing smile. But it happened to be his gorgeous light brown eyes that captivated Nicole. His eyes were incredible and intense.

Jeffery’s six foot one muscular statue, towered

over Nicole’s petite frame. She stood five feet three, but would often boast and claim to be five feet six.

Jeffrey’s appearance came off as that of some type of an executive. He was dressed to the nines in his designer Ralph Lauren navy colored

suit, with navy/white tie to match, and black

designer shoes.

After Nicole gained her composure she responded “No problem…I understand. I’m actually on my way to Terminal C also. We’re going to have take the escalators to catch the tram on the lower level. So if you would like your more than welcome to just follow me, and we will catch the tram together.”

“ I would truly appreciate that. Thank you for your kindness. And that will give me a little bit more time to get to know you a little better if that’s okay with you?” He chuckled.

Oh …and by the way I’m Jeffery Montgomery”

“And I’m …Nicole Williams, It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She replied and giggled.

“ That’s Absolutely just Fine with Me.”

Nicole agreed. Smiling brightly, as they began briskly walking heading towards the escalator. On their way, Nicole whispered a silent prayer…

“Thank You Lord, for allowing me to find my


As the couple strolled through the enormous Atlanta international Airport, their conversation flowed. No awkward silence, and they never had loss for words. The two even laughed at each others, silly jokes.

It felt as if they had known each other

for years. Jeffery even laughed when Nicole mentioned her favorite “Expired “insurance commercial with the ants ( aunts). He even

went as far as to say…that it was also one of

his favorites.


The rest of Nicole’s and Jeffery’s story is history as they say …

Nicole caught her flight to to LA to attend her brothers wedding, and Jeffrey traveled on

to Brazil for his two week Engineering Conference.

The couple vowed to keep in touch as they

exchanged cell numbers, emails, and

instagram account information.

And they made it a point to text each other right away, after getting settled in their seats on their separate flights.

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