Escape From Sky Fortress

“This is where we jump.” said Runan, his voice tense with urgency as he scanned the drop below. There was no question in his voice, no second option. This was it.

We stood at the edge of the parapet, our eyes focused on the swollen waterfall as well as the river far below us. There water gushed out potently and sprayed mist up to tickle my face. Behind me I could here the heavy footsteps and shoutings of guards.

I nodded grimly, beginning to unscrew the small blue vial Letha had promised would keep us from flattening into paper when we hit the surface. Runan had already drank his, throwing the small glass behind him. Closing my eyes I slurped down the stuff, wincing at its bitter taste.

Runan gave me one last look, then at his feet, which were poised at the edge, ready for action in a moment’s notice.

I fet a sickening feeling in my stomach as I yelled, “Now!”

There was a sensation of flying when we both soared into the air. And for a moment I wondered if that was how it felt like to be an eagle. But as quickly as we had left, we began to fall.

Wind tore at my face and clothes, whipping my dark cloak across the pale sky as we plummeted rapidly toward earth.

I was able to take a glance at Runan as we fell. I couldn’t make out his face in the blur, but I could see his arms were swinging wildly as he tried to stay upright in the wild gusts of wind.

The water beneath us grew ever closer, and before I knew it I was slapped in the face with it.

A sudden roar blared in my ears as we pelted into the water, followed by the warmth of its embrace. Calm enveloped me as I floated downward into the murk.

The urge to let its depths swallow me teased my mind for a thought or two, but I did not give in. Despite my clothes weighing me down, I kicked out with my legs and eventually brought my mouth to the surface. I took in gulps of air, leaning on my bag as a floation device.

Eventually I saw Runan’s head peek through. We didn’t say anything but grinned fiercely.

I could distantly hear the guards shouts as I pushed wave upon wave of water behind me, thrusting my arms through and letting the current do the rest of the work. Runan was right beside me, huffing and puffing as we swam.

Eventually my arms begged for a rest. I leaned back on my bag and let the mighty Gaita river carry me the rest of the way. Its powerful current would get us out in time. Runan had caught on to what I was doing followed suit.

“Escape from Sky Fortress,” he pronounced. “What a day.”

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