Broken Trust[Somewhat The Prompt]

Staring at these pictures on the wall

The ones where time stood in place

Where we were happy. But that was a long time ago

The memories we had were so vivid it was my escape when I worried about you being so far away,I loved when we were together

But you shattered things I didn’t realize how blind I was you used to say you love me and that was the biggest lie next to I’ll be back

I had to let you go to “grow up” it took months to forget the memories we had

And it took even longer to feel numb towards you

Even though the memories faded I can still see your smile and your laughter echos in my mind.

It hurts not seeing you everyday but it’s probably for the best the last time you showed yourself at Our sisters wedding

I thought you were a stranger at first glance

And when we hugged my head was finally at peace and yet your not the person I once knew. I get a glimpse of you every time I get a Whiff of a cigarette smell.

I wish I could help you but you don’t want me too I still love you but I’ll never get so close like we were. We can’t hurt each other not physically of course but let’s just say

Your more of a stranger then a sister I once knew the memories are fading and you are too

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