The Good Days🖤💖

The person you love

Is that person

You can run out into the fields with

At midnight

The person you love

Is that person

Who will rest your head on you

As you both gaze at the stars

The person you love

Is the person who you dream of

At night in the dark

When you close your eyes

So to you

Love is the book you spend hours on

Love is a soft blanket on a cold winter day

Love is a paintbrush, the soft strokes blending in

The person you love

Is the person

Who brings you too many flowers

For you to count

The person you love

Is that person

Who takes up the space

Until there’s only an inch left

Or, the person you love

Is the person

Who never stops begging

But you feed him anyway

Or, the person you love

Is the person

Who you know is right for you

But you’re hiding behind the shell anyway

So to you,

Love could be a puppy, always begging for more

Love could be a trapeze, letting you fly

Love could be a clock, never stopping for a breath

Love is a treasure

Hidden deep within

When found, excitement fills the air

But the box is always

Left behind

Love is the happiest

Until one issue comes up

Blocking your golden pathway

Causing your feet to slip

But it’s okay to hurt

It’s okay to wish

It’s okay to struggle

And call for your mom

So it’s okay

To experience the beauty

Love will bring you

Because even on days

When it seems like it’s gone

It isn’t

If it was?

We wouldn’t grieve

We wouldn’t shatter

We wouldn’t fight so hard

We wouldn’t hope for more

We wouldn’t sneak out

Into the starry nights

And the grassy fields

In the middle of the night

Just to see another human

Love is






Sometimes hopeless

Love is many things

It tells multiple stories

It breaks multiple hearts

It can cause more than you expect

But love is a friend

That annoying friend

You continue to hold on to

Because of the good days🖤💖



Heyyyy guys! I didn’t really know where I was going with this, but the base of this poem is based off of my idea of love, if that makes sense. Whenever I think of love, I always think of that feeling you would probably get when you’re out in the fields or any type of grassy area with flowers surrounding you, and you’re staring at the stars as your lover holds your hand softly and brings you to a place you’ve never been before. And no words are exchanged between you and your lover, just beautiful smiles and butterflies.

But then, I know actual relationships have a bc lot more to them then that. Like keeping secrets, having arguments, your mental health, their mental health, saying goodbye, and more.

But this is just how I imagine a moment of pure romance. Love when it’s having a good day. Especially being out at night after a chaotic day, and having that person right there to hold you.

So I built this off of that idea, and the rest just kind of came to me.❤️

I don’t know how you guys feel or if you feel the same way, because I’ve honestly never been in a relationship, so obviously I don’t know. So this poem is my imagination speaking. Oh yeah, and the many romance books I’ve read speaking :)

Sending love 💕 to all of those who are missing a loved one right now

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