The Project Of A Lifetime

We have progressed into the Middle Ages, which allowed trades with different innovations. But with the trades follow the scams, and now I’m stuck with this useless piece of wood. I pick it up and examine it. This is not what I asked for. Does this look like a doll? The children in the alley will not approve of this.

But what can I do? I take a seat and set all of my tools neatly around my workspace table. And then, I start the project of a lifetime.

Evening turned into late night, but I’m determined to finish before sunrise. If I said I’ll bring a doll, then I will bring the dang doll. The children will love this.

Hours later, I’m finish the body. It looks like a little boy. My best work yet. Proudly, I take the paint brush and paint his overalls blue. I paint his hair dark brown. I paint his eyes green, and then set the boy aside to dry. It looks so real, so carefully done, I kind of have to doubt whether I’ll be able to give this away.

Overwhelmed with exhaustion, I fall asleep right there on the table. When I wake up the next morning, though, the boy is gone. My first thought is that someone broke in and stole it. But I would’ve heard something, right? I leap out of my chair and turn to run for the door… and stop dead in my tracks.

The piece of wood, the little boy in the blue overalls, is standing on the floor. Smiling up at me. I realize I will not give this to the children…

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