A Journey to the Kitchen

It was the fourth, no, fifth time she had told me no today! "It's not good for you!" she said as I walked away sitting sadly at the bottom of the stairs. I was told to leave the kitchen more times than once, but they couldn't keep me out. I had a solid plan to sneak around the furniture, doing a couple of flips, rolls, and tiptoeing. I knew I would be able to get around without being seen. I did just that! After all, nothing could keep me away from what I loved most. It stood so gloriously on the countertop, and I only wished to get close, just to smell its beauty. My first step was to distract the kitchen guards. One stood blocking the entrance mindlessly scrolling on her phone, the other one sat reading a book right by my prized treasure. I thought immediately of what I must do and sprang into action. I grabbed the nearest phone and called someone I knew could hold the longest conversation in recorded history, Aunty Aza. She could hold someone hostage on the phone for a minimum of two hours and by hour three you'll have remembered why you only call once every six months. I quickly called Aunty Aza and with an intense look in my eyes, speed walked across the living room just in time to give the phone to Celia, the kitchen guard. The first part of step one was completed, Celia cleared the kitchen entrance glaring at me, then promptly pulled into Aunty Aza's conversation she started senselessly moving knickknacks around. I continued straight into the kitchen. The book reader was presented as my greatest challenge. What could I possibly use to distract her? I followed Jodie's eyes to see if she could see me out of her peripheral. I took out my balled-up run-away note, threw it out into the middle of the floor, and ducked for cover behind the wall. Peaking my head out from around the corner, I realized she didn't even look up from the book. No distraction was needed. So, I took my chances, leaped at the opportunity, and ran towards the counter! There it was! Perfectly arranged with the sweetest of smells I looked up and stretched out my arms towards a white vase of lovely pink and yellow flowers. I moved them over and revealed a three-tiered caramel-colored cake, unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was covered with caramel dripping off the sides and chocolate buttercream icing dolloped around the edges of each tier. After one inhale of the sweet, delicious cake, I found myself to my surprise already stuffing my face. My hands were the perfect utensils for the job, my eyes watered with tears. This was the greatest moment of my life! This cake had flavors I'd never experienced in my seven years of living. It had the sugariness of chocolate, salted caramel, and one key ingredient my tastebuds weren't familiar with. It was so delectable I was overjoyed! No, I was thrilled! I was elated! But most of all, I was having trouble breathing. My teary eyes were so filled with tears, I couldn't see. My face felt stiff, almost swollen like a balloon and I felt weird, like I'd been spinning around and around nonstop. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears and suddenly my joy for eating cake was overthrown by something more distressing, but I was too confused to question what it was. In the darkness of my mind and with my eyes being swollen shut, I wondered if Jodie and Celia had something to do with this. Soon after, I heard a ringing in my ears, the world went silent for a moment and I thought to fill that silence with one more word. "Cake" I soon felt the floor meet my face and the wind of someone swiftly walking by brushed my skin. I can recall being told something important. It was along the lines of what I should stay away from. It wasn't until the sharp pain of something poking me hit my leg that I remembered. I mumbled the word "peanuts" and noticed I was being lifted off the ground. The dense feeling of the walls caving in reverted, and I sat propped up on the couch, surrounded by concerned family reflecting on my desire for some more of that delicious but deadly salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter cake.

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