Not The Prince

“Swallow your opinions and bite your tongues, because the king wants not a peep,” General Anderson yelled out at the soldiers. Jacoby swallowed along with them. They were all nervous for this recovery mission. The prince had been sent away and now they needed him back. No one knew where he had gone, until the king had let Anderson reveal it to this selection of soldiers. Turns out the king had banished him for betraying the crown. The king was very loyal-based like that. Jacoby glanced around at all of the king’s loyal soldiers. He himself was one of them, and he had never questioned himself until now.

Hidden away in the mountains of Gargrania was his young prince. The people had worshipped the boy when he was born, the fist child of King Tobias and Queen Ruth that took about five years to actually be conceived. Everyone rejoiced at the chance of an heir once the queen got pregnant, and after the prince was born parties were held endlessly. July 2 was now a celebrated holiday around the area. Then one day the prince disappeared. No reason was stated, the King and Queen didn’t say anything of the topic. Now 3 months later they were marching, supposedly to retrieve him to have him killed.

Guilt flooded Jacoby’s mind. He and his family had celebrated July 2 every year since he was 6 years old. He remembered his grandmother weeping happy tears once the baby was born. When he has asked his mother why she had kissed his forehead and told him that a saviour had been born. This man that he was about to get killed used to be the only hope of the country, but now he was a disgrace for some unspoken reason. Jacoby looked around at his peers. They all had neutral looks on their faces. They were ready to bring Prince Clark Tobias Tendor to his death.

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