Daddy where are you?

Little Leo sat on his Daddies lap. "Listen my little elf." Daddy said. "Okay, Daddy." "Daddy has to go to fight." "Like when big brother Daniel fights the monsters on the games." "Yes, little Elf just like that." "But you'll come back right?" Little Leo asks with a sad expression on his elfin face. "Of course I will baby." "Okay, Daddy."

Time skip two months later

Mommy sat on the sarf (couch in elf language). "Mommy?" Little Leo asked, "Yes baby?" "Mommy wheres Daddy." "Daddy's fighting baby." "But he's coming home right?" "Of course baby." "Okay, Mommy."

Time skip one month later

Big brother was playing his game. "Dany?" "Yes, little dinosaur?" "Wheres, daddy?" "He's fighting but he'll bee back soon." "Everyone keeps saying that but its been a really really long time and Daddy's not home." Little Leo stomped his foot angrily. "I know little man." Little Leo started to cry. "Dany I want daddy." "He's coming home," Daniel said hugging his little brother tightly.

Time skip one week later.

Mommy Daniel and Me were sitting on the Sarf when the knock came. "I'll get it, Mom," Daniel said He went to open the door but when he did he immediately called for little Leo and Mommy. When they got to the door there was an Elf dressed in black clothing. "Oh no!" Mommy cried. "What's wrong Mommy?" "Wheres Daddy?" Little Leo asked excitedly. Mommy turned to him with tears in her eyes. "Baby Daddys in heaven."

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