Love Poem

He said, “You are the spring

sky full of hope.”

So I let the rainwater

soak my hair,

now he drinks as the birds

and bees elope.

(I think you’d drown

to prove to him you care).

He said, “To me you

are the summer shade.”

So I blocked the sun

‘til I was burning,

& when I fainted

he was so betrayed.

(Yet his touch will always

leave you yearning.)

I stayed when he said,

“If you’re gone I’m dead,”

& gave him all

the love that I could give,

like the autumn wind,

cooled his troubled head,

(& cut your life in half

so he could live).

He says, “There was a time

when you were fun.

Now you’re cold & harsh

as the winter sun.”

(When he feeds on love he is never done.)

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