I Just Wanted Some Alone Time

“You’ve got the wrong guy” he shouted, dazed and confused.

“Oh no you hear that boys we should let him go then.” The official looking man said, pining him to the ground. His crowd snickered amongst themselves one even letting out a good hardy chuckle. “Like I haven’t heard that one before Mr. Black, or should I call you Freddy Mayson.”

In all truth Quinten Black has no clue what’s going on. One minute he was just chilling at one of his mothers lavish business banquets, next he was being held down by some officer who he just can’t read the name tag of in this position.

“Ugh I’m serious okay I’m not whoever… that is. What did I even do.” He spits out, trying his best to squirm free.

“Oh come on Fred don’t play dumb you know why you’re here.” The officer speaks again.

“No, no I don’t. Last I checked I was “socializing” at one of my moms “parties”.” Truly at this moment he wonderes why he didn’t sneak up into his room tonight. Wait a minute that is what he was doing. Then these donkey-pigs started chasing him.

“Just admit it dude, you snuck in disguise as a guest so you can steal the Black-Jewel charm.” A uniformed blond man, who looks to have nice shoes from this angle, said.

The what. “I don’t even know what that is. Come on let me go.”

“You can not be serious give it up already. Guys take him to the station I’m going to inform the family and guests the perp has been caught.” Mr. probably commanding officer said.

With his hands cuffed behind him Quinten was forced to his feet and shoved over to a pair of identical looking officers. Seriously both bald shades covered there eyes even the same mole by the ear. It’s like mom was a copier machine for these pricks escorting him towards the exit.

One more thing about Double and Trouble up front there leading the way. neither of them seem to be that good at running. Meaning if he just slows down a bit, makes a small fidget motion like so, aim the knee and… OW that’s gotta hurt.

Down falls Trouble on his knees clutching the damaged area. Double quickly dropping down to attempt comforting his clone giveing the masterful escape artist a chance to dash off down the halls. Where is he going? He doesn’t know just need to lose these pricks.

He could go for his original plan up in his room but that has a lot of room for them to catch up. Plus there’s a reason he was trying to be sneaky in the first place. Maybe he could hide in a bathroom. No downside. Who in there right mind would break into a bathroom.

This is Quinten’s house he knows the next left three doors down is a bathroom. Things may not be optimal at the moment but perfect timing for this perfect plan.

Quinten slowed to a halt right in front of the spruce carved door. Places his hand on the nob and twists it. More so jiggle it around. “Crap the doors locked” he thinks “now what”

Suddenly Double and the blond dude round the corner in chase. mr blond in the lead yells out “Get back here Mayson, you can’t run forever!”

“That’s not my name” Quinten shouts back, bursting back into the sprint he had going. Oh word now what? The guys are right behind him now. Where does he go? The other bathroom is far on the other side of the banquet hall and even if he got there these guys would definitely see him hide and camp the door. Or worse they could grab him before he can lock the door.

Wait a minute. There’s an idea. Still in a sprint Quinten dips right, flinging open the largest doors in the halls revealing the large grandly decorated room he was trying to flee in the first place.

The sudden slam turning a good few heads in his direction. A good few of course meaning about a quarter of them. “Oh this will do nicely” Quinten thought before busting out his big ingenious plan.

“MOM, HELP” he yelled out still in chase. The crowd of elites getting the hint parted giving the boy a clear path to safety.

“Mom, mom you gotta help me,”

“Ugh dumb kid what did you do”

“I just went to the bathroom and…

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