“We always knew there were others. Other people, other beings. Mars being a huge planet we are used to hearing of wars over land and territory however we have never had it fall onto our doorstep.

We worked hard creating our homes, our food, our families and this conflict will not hinder our progress.”

I look up from my bowl, and to the screen projected onto the wall in front of me. I sat in shock as our leader continued with his speech, thoughts climbed through my mind slowly over growing the normal roots of domestic thinking which has inhibited my mind for a long time. Nothing has ever sent shivers down my spine like that word “others”. We have been carefully shielded from the world past the walls, I guess the bricks can’t hold back the hurricane which lay slowly breaking the foundations of our homes for much longer.

Suddenly my chair was no longer comfy and I was no longer hungry, my bowl now sits isolated on the kitchen side. My legs want to walk, I want to move, I no longer feel safe.

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