Student Torture Day

It's that time of the year. It's 14th September, The Prison Day. The worst students from every school are taken to a prison and locked in a cell with extreme conditions. Let me explain.

Every year on this day, a teacher picks one to three of the worst, most troublesome students from his or her class. This applies for Grade 6 and above. The guards take these picked students to a small cell, with a very cold or very hot temperature. After sometime, they leave the students with the teachers in a room. The teachers are given a small pocket knife to cut one finger of the student from their weak hand.

The teachers have an option of not being a part of this, but most of them decide to take part. Luckily my teacher has denied ever doing this, as she thinks it is very brutal and we are only kids after all. But my brother's teacher doesn't think so. I hope my brother is safe.

I just got to know, my brother is safe but his best friend is not. I hope this system changes. It is traumatic, and just wrong.

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