The End Of Everything

“Help!!” I heard from another room. The voice was female and she sounded truly scared, as if she was already dying.

I rushed over towards her and saw a crowd of people already standing there.

“What’s the matter?!” I shouted at the person next to me so I could be heard over the tumult of people.

“I reckon she was one of the first to be struck by the End.” He shouted back.

Not the End. I backed up from the crowd quickly. My mother had told me growing up that the End was awful, and it was contagious. I didn’t want to be anywhere near here when it spread.

I ran back to my office and grabbed a few things before sprinting outside. It was a mistake. People were already out there, getting consumed by the End. I heard the screams of the people inside my building and knew that I couldn’t go back in there.

I ran quickly, covering my mouth and nose with my jacket. I had to avoid the End. I had to get home to my daughter.

I ran quicker than I ever have before, dodging people and animals as they all ran towards their various destinations.

I saw multiple people catch the End. I saw black fog seep from their very skin, consuming them until there was no more. Judging by their screams, it was not a painless process. I avoided them to the best of my ability, I had to get home. I promised her.

I reached the gate to my front yard and began calling out for my little girl. I had to make sure she was okay.

I saw her open the door and felt an immense rush of relief. As I stepped towards her, I saw the first of the fog seep from my fingers. I yelled at her to go inside, I couldn’t let her catch this, I just couldn’t.

The last thing I heard was screams piercing the air, but whether they were mine or my little girl’s, I could not tell you.

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