Fight Classes

“You ever watch divergent man”

“Yeah, I think”

“This is like, exactly like that dude”




Well, my pompous gelled haired friend Josh begins to say

“I feel like whenever our school does this it kinda divides us into like, factions, y’know”

“Like one dude is good at math and the other writing and that’s all there is to them”

I think about that for a second

What a blessing it would be to be cursed with atleast one thing I’m really good at

“That’s why” he declared “I don’t really participate in that stuff”

“It just doesn’t sit right with me bro.”

I instinctively moved to brush the hair out of my face, but none was there

“Yeah, I guess me too man.”

As we moved to our usual spots towards the top of the bleachers I see the rest of our little group of whoever’s, of many types and varieties.

Some of these people are content just hanging out, some have hobbies not really promoted by the school because funding is “better spent” on more college-oriented hobbies, and some

Some simply don’t know.

I look down at my hands.

Amidst the chatter of conversation, a person turns their head to me with a grin on their freckled face

A redhead starts to talk, loudly “Hey Matt, how come your so quiet all the time buddy?”

I cringe.

“Hey man” Josh retorts, returning the grin

“He just likes to be around for conversations, not everyone needs the world to hear them!”

Everybody chuckles and Josh saves me from another awkward interaction, per usual.

I smile, but I sigh.

“ATTENTION, STUDENTS” blares from the loudspeaker suddenly, snapping everybody straight in their seating.

The principle starts to walk to the center of the gymnasium, an unusual smile on his face.

“I am pleased to say the performance of all of our extracurricular clubs has succeeded our expectations, even beyond that of any other school in our district!”

He expects an applause, the burnt out students take a couple seconds to take the cue.

“This focus on academics however, has left our physical statistics with much to be desired.”

My ears perk up

“Because of this, for the first time in school history we are implementing a fighting class, to educate students on the basics of fighting and self defence”

“Yeah, what a load of crap” Josh whispers, knowing the real reason is because of the rampant bullying by students deemed not gifted enough to join any clubs, and those in clubs who looked down on them.

I would’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of that bullying if it weren’t for Josh, too.

This makes me sigh once more.

The principal continues, “Please let me introduce you to Mr Jason, retired mma fighter and the districts first fighting teacher!”

A large, 6’2 man with cauliflower ear and a mid length blonde faded blowout, walks up to the mic stand and begins to speak.

“I’m not one for introductions. If you want to participate raise your hand.”

“Psh, who would do that, they are clearly trying to bait the bullie-



I was about to ask him what he’s talking about until I realized my hand shot up.

What am I doing

Why am I smiling so hard?

I hear the red head chuckle.

“Oh, _really_“

He raises his hand as well, and before I know it me and the red head are standing on a mat, with 14-ounce mma fingerless gloves on

Josh stares at me, befuddled.

I stare at him back,

I stare at his knuckles.

Josh, he has a passion for botanics. His heart is in agriculture and nature, the type of guy who walks over anthills.

But his knuckles are bruised because of me.

To defend me

To stop an anthill

From being stepped on.

I start to smile again

I look at his hands again

I grimace

But I focus my eyes away

And I smile once more, wider

I show my teeth

I want to show the world, ants can bite too.

The Fight teacher calls to start the match, and the principal, who definetely didn’t authorize this, was not about to tell him to stop.

The students couldn’t believe it.

My opponent was a well known troublemaker, a bully to some and a friend to others. His name was John. What a saint.

He charged at me, and that’s all I needed

Even if he was tall and heavier set, broad shouders and hulking arms

My smile became a wild grin when my hand grasped his arm, and all of his momentum was flipped over my shoulder and thrown outside the ring

It took me three seconds.

It took me three seconds to make sure Josh never has to defend my anthill again.

It took me three seconds to show that the world didn’t need to hear my words, but see my effort and desire.

It took, years of bullying, getting picked on, feeling talentless, and relying on Josh to go to Judo classes.

Because the art of using overwhelming gravity pressed against you to your own benefit felt like my calling.


The fight teacher starts to say

“Is what it looks like to be trained by me.“

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