Silver lining

One day, while I visited my grandmas old pawn shop, I came across a book with a silver lined cover. The pages shimmered and the writing was bold like it was written to be read in the fading light. I walked around the shop, she said I could pick one thing, but I always found myself standing in-front of this book.

“Do you think I could take this one?”

I said pointing at it, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and also write my college entry book essay on it. It looked ancient. I waited till I saw her nod then snatched it up.

“Thanks grandma!”

I walked out with my prize in hand, a part of me was excited to read it, and the other wondering when I would find the time. As the weeks passed I finally found the time. One evening when we were having power difficulties I decided to pick it up and get started.

I set up my reading station, a couple of highlighters, pencils, and candles to read with should the power drop again. When I opened the book the light danced on the pages, it was brilliant and captivating. I started to devour the words with highlighter in hand when gradually something seemed off.

I shook my head and kept reading chapter by chapter, finally I stopped at chapter eight. Something was off, very off. I yelled for my dad and he came quickly.

“Dad I need you to read this real quick.”

I pointed down at one paragraph, he agreed and started, a look of confusion going across his face.

“This is about your first day at high school.”

He looked at me as he tried to piece it together.

“Every page is like this. It’s like somebody knew my life and wrote it down before I could even live…”

“Where did you get it from? It seems a bit odd.”

“Just Grandmas pawn shop. I was helping out a couple weeks back, she let me pick one thing out like usual.”

He put his left hand grabbing his chin as he tried to think through what was happening.

“The only thing I can think is for you to keep reading, I guess. See what happens.”

I nodded my head and he walked out of the room asking me to let him know what happens. The thing is, I didn’t sleep that night, I read everything I could, but then something happened.

I made it all the way to the night I was reading in the book, every page was blank after, and words appeared as I did things.

“She looked through the mysterious book as her heart pounded inside her chest.”

As I read that line my heart did begin to pound. How was I supposed to be okay right now? I watched Never-Ending Story growing up, but this, this was straight out a movie you don’t survive. A piece of me was expecting to read something about being watched from my bedroom window.

I shivered with the idea of it. This whole book had me squirming in my chair. You could hang hats on the goose bumps it was producing. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breathes. I decided to close the book and call it a night. This could be sorted out in the morning, if morning came… I opened my eyes with a start. Now why did I have to think that. I scrunched up my face and went to the kitchen making a coffee. No way I was sleeping tonight.

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