4 Seasons Come & Go

The seasons change, as time moves on,

Each one bringing a different dawn.

From the warmth of spring's gentle embrace,

To the vibrant colors of autumn's grace.

Spring arrives with blossoms and blooms,

A symbol of hope, dispelling gloom.

New life emerges, as nature awakes,

Bringing promises that it never forsakes.

Summer follows, with skies so bright,

Days filled with warmth and endless light.

The sun's golden rays, a comforting touch,

Inviting us to enjoy life's simple clutch.

Then comes autumn, with its vibrant hues,

Leaves dancing down, like a colorful muse.

A time of harvest, of reaping what's sown,

Bringing gratitude for seeds we've thrown.

Finally, winter arrives, serene and cold,

Blanketing the earth in a shimmering fold.

Snowflakes fall gently, creating a scene,

A quiet beauty, as if in a dream.

Each season holds its own unique charm,

Yet they all share a familiar alarm,

That even as they come to an end,

They'll return again, like an eternal friend.

Though they may never be exactly the same,

Their cyclical nature brings comfort's flame.

For in their changing, we find solace and peace,

Knowing that life's rhythm will never cease.

So as the seasons pass, year after year,

Let us embrace their changes without fear.

For with every ending, a new beginning is found,

And the circle of life forever goes round.

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