Mushed, Am I.

I'd love you tomorrow moreso than I did today.

I could never love you more than yesterday.

The moon shon bright that icy cold summers night,

it was spring.

You tell me we will build the house,

with engineered vintage moulding and that deep, luscious garden to get lost in.

I still stick to your words like bug traps.

You said you love to free climb tall rock faces,

but you insisted I be your harness.

You tied my to your waist with dirty shoelaces,

forgetting to tie my fear with a double knotted bow, so I bounced and bungeed.

You saw my tulips blossom.

Petals guided by the wind beside you.

Teeth like constellations,

I cling to your orbit.

You said I looked my best when I felt free,

"Your gorgeous eyes", will never be.

Leaving out the part where you leave me.

"Good luck with your journey", I'm sick and at your window.

I stuck a gold fork between my legs for you,

in hopes you'd be nourished by my steak.

Your belly full with an empty gut.

I should never have told you that I dreamt of flying.

You unclipped me from your belt,

and watched the horizon for shooting stars,

I still hope you were wishing I'd meet your eye,

when you refused to see me hurtle down.

You look your best when you feel free.

I look up at you,

eyes full of air, rocks,

and heart full of affliction.

I am falling.

Free, Yes I am.

But still falling,

and fast.

I'll love you for as long as the magpies sing,

till the end of a bald eagles wing.

Because even though you let me fall,

you showed me what it was like to truly fly.

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