Away from home

“We can’t fight back Will!” I yelled back.

“Now or never!” He said shrugging me out of the way.

“You don’t even know what your doing!” I said.

But Will ignored me and continue to walk up the stairs with the bag of rocks.

“Could you just listen! Just-this-once-Will!”

He stop mid step before turning slowly towards me.

“What?” He said bluntly after a few seconds.

“Look...I get that your angry but your not even thinking straight-

But before I could continue, he cut me off walking down the stairs and pushing me upagainst the wall.

I started to panicked when I realize just how bad Will wanted this.

But three inches from my face, Will was dead calm.

“I never ask you for anything before...and I did listen to what you had to say.”

“So do me a favor. And butt-out!”

And with that he turned and walked away.

“So that’s it?” I ask after adjusting everything that just happen.

“Your gonna go?” My voice started to shake.

“Seriously that’s it?” I ask again but he didn’t hear me once he reach the top of the stairs.

Walking away from the wall, I followed him to the parking lot.

“Are you freaking kidding me Will?”

He started unlocking the door to the gray van.

“Y-you said....that you were gonna create balance that you-you wouldn’t...”

But he already closed the car door in my face and started starting up the car.

“What hell Will! Don’t do this!”

He started to pull off when I got in front of the car.

“Move.” He said.


“No really like seriously move.”

“No Will.”


“Damnit MOVE!” He screech hitting his hand on the wheel.”

“NO!” I argued back.

“You promised. And you lied Will. And this-“

I said waving my hand to our surroundings.

“This Will! What your doing? Is bullshit. And you-are bullshit. I mean how do you expect me to just let you go off and-and I just...”

“When I went off the handle- you always stop me from doing any stupid shit. But it’s like your blind to yourself. Do you really not see what dumb thing your about to commit right now? And what comes after it? Just because you tell me to fuck off? I won’t. Because after all you did for me Will. I won’t let you go.”

Will signed in the car.

“Look I see where your coming from. But it’s still not your’s mine. I’m gonna fight back. Wether you try to stop me or not, I won’t let you get in my way. Hell I’d go on foot if I have to. Now...move.”

I didn’t move.

He got out the car and did something I never thought he’d actually do ever, and punch me in the face.


“Shit Will! I think you just broke my nose!” I said keeping my head up so the blood won’t come dripping down.

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