Letter to my ex

Is so hard to let go

Why is that?

Because you really the first person that I open up

Saw me at my worst

Watched me grow

Could really be my true self with

Would smile even if I did some weird thing

But things change

We weren’t the same people when we first dated

But we still try to work it out

Just like you didn’t notice that you hurt me

You didn’t notice that I didn’t forgot or forgave too

I tried to but I couldn’t forget

Maybe if it was someone I didn’t love I might have

But no it was you, you was stuck inside me

Couples most likely end because of a cheating scandal, but not us

We ended due to change

We grew out each other

Our paths weren’t the same

I came to the conclusion that is okay

I know that your future will be great

Truly hope it is

I know my future will be great too

But what I also know there’s no us in the future

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