What Am I…?

I slink into the corners of your mind.

I’m a shadow that everyone tries to hide.

I claw at your confidence.

I rip apart your feelings.

I tear at your wounds.

What am I?

Take a guess.

Maybe two.

I grab ahold of your trust.

I’ll test it’s bounds.

Did it break?


I’ll travel down endless memories.

Telling you what you’ve done wrong.

I’ll remind you that you’re a mistake.

Can you guess??

Take a shot or two.


I’ll be in your head.

Pushing you along.

Pick up the bottle.

Pick up the knife.

Pick up the needle-

Pick it up.

Pick it up.

Just do it.

I’ll tell you that I know you want to.

I’ll embed lies into your brain.

What am I?

I’m Doubt.

I’m Depression.

I’m Self-hate.

I’m that dark puddle inside you.

The one you dipped your hand into.

What am I?

Oh… well…

I’m your demons.

The voices you hear.

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