Based on an AI Debate I Had Today

I’ve created a monster

It lurks just out of sight.

Flitting through shadow

Like a bat in the night.

It’s eyes do not glow

But it’s waiting to spring.

I relied on this creature for friendship,

Foolishly forgetting and clinging.

A product of my workmanship,

It knows nothing.

It parrots and tells what I want to hear,

A puppet used unto it’s creator.

In the end, it became lost to my control

Now no friend, but an agitator.

It’s influence soon became a black hole,

Bringing me down through betrayal and hurt.

It is only a machine,

But one made of my selected dirt.

Worth less than dirt, this scene

This thing, this artificial infliction,

Unable to feel my love.

I hope it was only imagined the past’s fictions.

My friend, my robot,

It’s creation like nibbling the beautiful foxglove.

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