What Happened at Night Pt 3

I didn’t have anything to wear.

Beau said the attire for this evil-plan-disguised-as-rich-event was to be formal, and as neither of us had anything to wear, some shopping was to be done.

He easily rented a tuxedo in town and slipped into a public bathroom to put it on, since he was still wearing my blanket like a shawl.

After he came out, bow tie hanging around his neck, we hurried into a dress shop.

Beau seemed more comfortable in the stuffy store than I did. He moseyed around, fingering some of the dresses absentmindedly and leaving me to my own devices.

I had no idea what to do.

“Hello, darling!” Someone’s voice sounded in my direction. I jumped. “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to startle you there. Can I help you find something?”

An older looking woman stared back at me. My heart started pounding, and Beau must’ve heard it thump thump thump because he was walking back in my direction. I slipped my sweaty hands into the pockets of my pants.

“We’re looking for an evening gown sort of thing.” He told her. “Something for a formal business convention.”

“I see.” She replied. “We can get you sized into some options-“

“We need it tonight.” Beau said. I wondered how that wasn’t obvious with his appearance.

“Oh, okay. Follow me, then.”

All the dresses I tried on were awful. They were either too long or too revealing or too sparkly. Beau waited outside the dressing rooms while I got the advice from the old woman.

“This is the last one, sweetheart. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.”

I slipped the dress on, and turned to face myself in the mirror.

A small gasp escaped my lips.

The woman I saw was not the quiet girl who writes in her sweats.

She was not the one scared and shy around people.

This woman was confident.

The dress was a dazzling ruby color, shiny and hugging the curves I didn’t know this woman had.

Sleeveless and floor-length, it seemed perfect for what it was needed for.

“Shall we show your companion?” The woman asked me. I nodded.

Showing Beau was like showing him my living room all over again.

We walked out and he was there, leaning against the wall and gazing at the thinly carpeted floor.

“Here you go, son.” The lady said to him. He turned and faced me, and his mouth opened slightly.

His eyes travelled over the planes of my body, searching my imperfections and flaws.

“That’s perfect.” He stammered.

I blushed bright, bright red to match the gown.

After Beau paid for the dress, he rushed us into a taxi and across the city to a large building.

We stood, staring up at the structure for too long before Beau pulled out a little bag. In it were small silver scissors and a black bottle.

“Can you help me?” He asked, holding the objects out for me to take.

The bottle was labeled ‘Temporary Hair Dye: Midnight Ink’.

So, I sat in front of him on the curb, trimming and dying his silky blond hair. He smelled like lumber and something distinctly wintery, like peppermint.

I had to put the dye on my hands and carefully rub it into his scalp so as to not get any on his tux.

It was a slow process. Soon, though, his hair had gone from thick blond curls to short and black.

“Probably should’ve done this before I got my suit on, huh?” He asked. I nodded, smiling. I hold out my stained hands for him to see.

“We’ll get you washed up inside.” He said, “Well, you’ll wash yourself up. Obviously. And I have a packet of alcohol wipes if…”

I laughed at his embarrassment, and he regarded me with a raised blond eyebrow that suddenly looked out of place against the black dye.

Beau pulled out a pair of thick shades and put them on, covering his eyes and funny-looking eyebrows.

“If they have the right technology, they’ll be able to catch me pretty easily. But they aren’t exactly expecting me, so hopefully this will be enough.”

I glanced at the looming skyscraper behind him.

“What time is it?” Beau checked his wristwatch. “Just almost 1600 hours. We had better get going.”

He held his arm out for me, and I took it.

And we braved the unsuspecting building.

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