Loving The Idea Missing Relationship

I expected to get the internship and then focus on building the relationships leading up to it.

I want it so badly to join in the lead membership group and focused more on what the requirements were to get in rather than getting to know the establish members.

I crave the lifelong partnership so deeply that I ignore the red flags being tossed at every play. I didn’t want to believe they were, are, and will always be the actions they gave.

I ignored friends and family for it.

I wanted the happily ever after instantly so I had the baby before knowing myself enough to know that waiting and patience is a virtue.

Being accepted instead of rejected was the mission so I gave my mind, body, and almost my soul for it.

Sometimes we fall in love with ideas, not people.

Blinded by the vail of selfish pleasures and desires.

The consequence is building foundation on sand and not on the rock.

When you move in haste on ideas you miss the true way.

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